Stay Sharp

Quinn Saw helps blades perform their best – and we do it very, very quickly. Using the world’s finest precision sharpening equipment and expertise built on decades of hands-on experience, we’re able to return blades back to you – typically the day after they arrive in our shop – stronger, sharper, more consistent, and more productive.

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Who We Are

For five generations, W.D. Quinn Saw Co. has helped people rediscover what their circular saw blades can do using the most advanced sharpening technology – and a whole lot of passion. Simply put, we make blades better.

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Design Your Perfect Blade

If you’re in need of a new blade and we don’t have it among our hundreds of options in stock, we’re ready to make it on-site the day you order it. We have the ability to deliver and produce blades for your precise needs, down to the exact tooth geometry for the material you're cutting.

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