Carbide Tipped Saw Blade Sharpening

  • 4″-32″ (100mm-810mm) diameter
  • Hard and soft woods, mouldings, veneers and laminated materials
  • Extruded and solid plastics
  • Non-ferrous metals, aluminum, copper and brass
  • Ferrous metals, steel tubing, structurals and bars

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Carbide tipped saw blades go through the same rigorous cleaning and inspections we provide to cold saw blades, with a few key additions. During the second inspection, we replace the tips of any broken or missing teeth, and check to ensure the blade is perfectly straight before proceeding. Our computer-controlled machine grinds the blade’s face and the top of its teeth with a special diamond grinding wheel to provide a finer edge. Our process ensures a consistent, quality grind, giving your blades a longer life.


First Inspection

We carefully unpack and inspect your blades, ensuring that the entire inventory has arrived intact. Each blade is then entered into our shop’s tracking system.



An ultrasonic cleansing bath removes all dirt and grit from the blades.


Second inspection

We provide a thorough second inspection to ensure there are no cracks or missing teeth that could lead the blades to become damaged in the machine.



Your blades are automatically loaded onto one of our robotic CNC sharpening machines, which works day and night to ensure an efficient turnaround.


Third inspection

We remove your sharpened blades from the machine, and a senior team member provides a third inspection.


Final cleaning and inspection

We clean and inspect your blades again, and oil them to prevent rust. Then we wrap and pack them tightly so they arrive at your door in perfect shape.

Our Technology

VOLLMER Service Center

The VOLLMER Service Center is our fully automated loading and grinding machine. Its five-rack loading system automatically picks up blades, loading and unloading them from a two-machine grinding area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The VOLLMER Center’s main grinder sharpens blade faces and the tops of their teeth while an automated, integrated side grinder allows us to easily repair blades by adjusting replacement tips to match the rest. While most shops use manual side grinders, we’ve invested in this technology to add precision and speed to our process.

Transor Filtration System

Using chilled oil, our machines remove all heat from the grinding process, keeping your blade cool throughout. The Transor Filtration System keeps this coolant clean to prevent grit from recirculating. Just like an oil filter that keeps your car’s engine running strong, our system ensures that the machines processing your blades work efficiently and safely.

Diamond Wheels

The VOLLMER System comes complete with diamond wheels to support an efficient and cool sharpening process while creating a finer edge. These edges allow your blade to cut more precisely, and lengthen the time needed between sharpenings.

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Speedy turnaround. Every time.

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